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Your strong partner for international ventures

With our office in Munich, we manage global sourcing, import and distribution of products in Germany and global exports. To provide you with the best products, we established alliances with the most exclusive, trusted manufacturing companies. Our core competences also include branding and marketing, so that we are able to sell products directly B2C through E-commerce solutions.
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Product Sourcing

Munich Trading has specialized and highly trustworthy procurement solutions for your company. We optimize supply chains so that our customers can count on superior products - on time and budget. As your procurement partners we will generate you competitive advantages and minimize global purchasing costs. Contact us for european space grade technology, materials or technology transfer.



Our strength results from our experts long and varied industry knowledge. We offer you thorough services to guide you as an ex- or importer through the complex processes needed to fulfill your needs. Working together with your employees, we will optimize your existing export/import processes to provide you with the necessary competitive edge.

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B2C Distribution

We do not just broker trades, we also import products on the pulse of the market, create highly powerfull brands around them and sell directly to customers. To create that added value, we have a highly experienced SMM and SEM people, integrated with a world class salesteam.